R2 Weight Loss

Saturday, April 4, 2009

R2 Day 6 - 20 Pound Club...What?!

Weight: 131 pounds - Waist: 35 inches

I am one (yes one) pound away from being in the "20 pound club"! :) Yeeeeeeah. I noticed today, though, that even when I reach my goal, my BMI will still be on the higher side of normal - as in it will almost be an overweight BMI. Seriously? 115 pounds at 4'11" does NOT seem to me to be an unhealthy weight. Thoughts anyone???

I'm starving since I have yet to move my ass off the couch since awakening this morning. I bought a nice piece of filet mignon for din din tonight. But I don't know if I am going to get a chance to eat it, so maybe I will make it for lunch. Not sure yet. I found a GREAT recipe for mashed cauliflower though, which is *mostly* on protocol. With a few adjustments, it will be a wonderful addition to P2. Last night I had a few cherry tomatoes and some more of the delicious Whole Foods' shrimp. Yeah, I'm real hungry. Time to eat.

Tonight is the first Revs game, and I usually would be so excited to get a stadium kosher hot dog. I love them. Still do. However, I will not be having one this evening. :( I know they are so bad for you, but all that loverly kosher yumminess. Oh well, they will be a very very VERY rare treat. I do know that some of the stands at the stadium sell apples, so that's always an option. Or just don't eat... :)

Well, I'm real boring today. Sorry. Maybe my life will suddenly take an exciting turn tomorrow... or not. :)

Have a Rev-erific day!

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  1. Come ON, 20-Pound Club!! You GO, girl - congrats!!

    Hey, so ummm... How about giving up that mashed cauliflower recipe? ;)


    BMI can be such a crock of poop. If you are healthy, then 115 lb. should be fine. That's ten pounds less than my goal right now, and I'm only 5'4".