R2 Weight Loss

Friday, April 10, 2009

R2 Day 12 - Rumbly in my Tumbly

Weight: 128.8 pounds - Waist: 34 inches

Yeah, I know. I've only lost one stinking pound since Sunday. To be honest, I haven't posted because I have been so discouraged and frustrated. NOTHING seems to be working. I finally talked to the doc today, and she said my body has probably had enough. My last injection is still on Sunday, but she had me increase to 900 calories per day until then. I've been starving, irritable, and exhausted - not cool. She also gave me all of my supplements today, so now I will be taking tyrosine (for epi/norepi), endoplus (for 5htp (serotonin)), gi revive (for gut support and zinc), vitamin d3, coQ10 (with cla), and methylated folic acid. She also wants me replacing one of my meals each day with a protein shake. Hopefully I will be feeling better soon. Oh yeah, and to top off all of my trivial woes, it's Passover. :(

I did just have a yummy dinner of chicken and squash soup. :) OH YEAH! I forgot, Eddie took this picture of Boston at the top of Blue Hills on Sunday. I could not believe he had never been up there.

Anyhoo, I'm going to go play WiiFit (which I bought earlier this week...my WiiFit age is 33! WTF?!?!?) with Max, then see Bobby in a bit. Not sure what I'm doing tomorrow - maybe then I will have the mental capacity to write an interesting post.

Peace out, y'all.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

R2 Day 7 - Update!

Update Alert!

I am going to climb Blue Hills - Bobby just texted me! Woo hoo! I'll take some pictures and post them later! :) :) :)

Peace out

R2 Day 7 - Boom Shakalakalaka

Weight: 129.5 pounds - Waist: 35 inches

I've lost over 20 pounds! AND I haven't been under 130 in about 3.5-4 years! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!

Yeah, I'm psyched. I think I finally am realizing what this all means. I may actually wear a bikini for the first time since I graduated from high school. This is my goal. I actually think I'm going to buy a cute one for inspiration. And even more exciting is that I have someone in my life who has been *super-critical* of the weight I gained, and in a very hurtful way. I am so, so excited to send this person an awesome picture when I reach my goal weight with a little note saying only "Eat your effing heart out." A little extreme? Maybe. I was really hurt and upset by many things this person has done over the years to make me feel awful about the weight that I put on. (As if I needed any help to feel bad about it.) I feel like now there will still be a nasty comment from old meanie, no matter how I look, but there will be nothing I'm not sure of, not confident about. My insecurities seem to be melting away along with the fat. I am in a great place, and happy with who I am. I don't need anyone to agree or confirm how I feel, I know that this is a good thing and I am bettering myself through obtaining more optimal health. Eff yeah.

On a very different note, I had the most delicious lunch yesterday. I made the small piece of filet mignon that I picked up at Whole Foods the other day, which I seasoned with Montreal Steak seasoning. My George Foreman grill cooked it up perfectly for me, and I gobbled that damn thing right up. I want to pick up another piece tomorrow, or maybe I'll just get some from the regular supermarket, since I'm sure it's a lot cheaper. I did, however, have a few tortilla chips with salsa at the game last night. But I didn't eat dinner, so that's probably why I still lost 1.5 pounds. :) I think I'm going to have eggs for lunch, and broccolini for dinner with some chicken or shrimp. I'm really trying to avoid eating the chicken, since I really don't like it. Seriously, I think I might hate chicken. Maybe we have some of that Montreal Chicken seasoning, or I could always use the steak one... hmm, good ideas. I need to pick up some cauliflower too, so I can make the yummy recipe. :)

This afternoon (it's a beautiful day in Boston, btw) I'm going to go out and buy a WiiFit as a gift for myself with my tax refund, then use the rest to pay off bills/debts. I also just want to take a long ride in the beautiful sunshine, since it's been so nasty here most of the past week. I kind of want to go climb Blue Hills, but I don't think I have anyone to go with me, and its not the kind of thing you do alone. Oh well. Maybe next weekend. I want to try and do that as often as possible this year, since it's great exercise and pretty fun. I also wouldn't mind, when I'm in a little better shape, going on a real hike in New Hampshire or something. Or, even better, going on a hike and then camping in the mountains. Bobby and I really want to go camping this summer. It's a great alternative to a real vacation, since we can't afford one. A couple of people have said they would be interested in going, so that will be pretty cool.

That'll be all for today, if anyone is even still reading after this super long post. :)

Have a glorious day!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

R2 Day 6 - 20 Pound Club...What?!

Weight: 131 pounds - Waist: 35 inches

I am one (yes one) pound away from being in the "20 pound club"! :) Yeeeeeeah. I noticed today, though, that even when I reach my goal, my BMI will still be on the higher side of normal - as in it will almost be an overweight BMI. Seriously? 115 pounds at 4'11" does NOT seem to me to be an unhealthy weight. Thoughts anyone???

I'm starving since I have yet to move my ass off the couch since awakening this morning. I bought a nice piece of filet mignon for din din tonight. But I don't know if I am going to get a chance to eat it, so maybe I will make it for lunch. Not sure yet. I found a GREAT recipe for mashed cauliflower though, which is *mostly* on protocol. With a few adjustments, it will be a wonderful addition to P2. Last night I had a few cherry tomatoes and some more of the delicious Whole Foods' shrimp. Yeah, I'm real hungry. Time to eat.

Tonight is the first Revs game, and I usually would be so excited to get a stadium kosher hot dog. I love them. Still do. However, I will not be having one this evening. :( I know they are so bad for you, but all that loverly kosher yumminess. Oh well, they will be a very very VERY rare treat. I do know that some of the stands at the stadium sell apples, so that's always an option. Or just don't eat... :)

Well, I'm real boring today. Sorry. Maybe my life will suddenly take an exciting turn tomorrow... or not. :)

Have a Rev-erific day!

Friday, April 3, 2009

R2 Day 5 - Friday FUNday!

Weight: 132 pounds - Waist: 35 inches

Goooooood morning! Just a quick update, since I'm already running really late for work (I don't even have time to shower, yikes!). :( Down a pound from yesterday, which is always good. My dinner last night was suuuuuuper disappointing. I was at Whole Foods and saw this awesome-looking roasted red-pepper shrimp (they list the ingredients right there, and everthing was a-ok!), so I asked the nice man for 4 ounces of shrimp. Clearly, he could not do math so well, and he only gave me .1 pound, which is 1.6 ounces. It was 3 shrimp. I really should have taken a picture. And I had to eat in the car, and Eddie hated the smell. (He said it made him throw up in his mouth a little - gross!) I washed it down with yummy sparkly water and raw green beans. I wanted more shrimp. Must. Get. More. :)

For lunch yesterday we ordered out from the sushi place next door. I scoured the menu for something safe, and ended up ordering seabass and yellowtail sashimi. I, however, did not realize that yellowtail is just like tuna, so I will no be having that again on phase 2. The seabass was awesome, btw.

Well, I need to go make myself presentable and scrounge up some lunch for today.


Have a verrrrrry quick day!

P.S. I forgot to mention that the doc decided I'm only going to do P2 for 2 weeks instead of three. FYI. :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

R2 Day 4 - Motown "Mollie" Back Again....Doin' a Little East Coast Swang :-)

Weight: 133 pounds - Waist: 35 inches

So, here I am! Back again. I'm not going to write about why I didn't post for a while, I just needed a break. I apologize to anyone who cared that I was missing. :)

Now, on to more important things. Today is day 2 of the VLCD (very low calorie diet), and I'm psyched because I lost 2.5 pounds yesterday. My P3 was really easy, maintained my weight no problem. I started Round 2 at .5 lbs up from my LIW. I've never felt better in my life. I really do believe that, for me, this program has been life-changing. I'm more confident, more energetic, more athletic, and am really game for anything at this point. It's amazing what a difference 15 lbs can make.

I also realized that last time, I was measuring my waist wrong, which means two things: 1. I was actually quite a bit larger than I thought to begin with, and 2. I wasn't quite as small as I thought at the end of R1. Oh well, new round, new measurements! I decided that this round I would measure a lot more too. My current measurements are as follows:

Waist - 35 inches
Chest - 35.5. inches
Thigh - 24 inches
Calf - 14.5 inches
Ankle - 8.5 inches
Upper Arm - 12 inches
Hips/Butt - 39.5 inches

I won't lie, though, yesterday was a hard day. I was not hungry at ALL. I only ate 1 hard boiled egg and 2 egg whites and 5 strawberries. Not very many calories at all. I took the appetite suppressant that the doc gave me, because last time I was so hungry during the first 2-3 days of the VLCD, so that may have been why. I was exhausted by about 3:00 pm yesterday afternoon, so I left work at about 4:15, came home and slept from 5:30-8:00, then again from 10:45 last night to 8:00 this morning. I feel a lot better now though. I just don't have any food that's P2 kosher in my house right now, so I'll need to go shopping after work. Bobby, Eddie, Renee and the gang have their soccer game tonight, and the Revolution have their first home game this weekend! Woo hoo!

Well, it's off to work now.

Have a satisfying day! (and if you're in the Boston area, stay dry!)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 27 - Lac-tards...UNITE!

Weight: 135.5 pounds - Waist: ??

Yeah, I actually still haven't measured my waist, nor have I been posting regularly. I'm sorry - I'm a tool.

So I just had a loverly dinner of turkey burger (I ate a bun (WHITE DEATH ALERT) with my tasty burger) and caesar salad. I wanted a salad so bad yesterday, so I stopped at the store and bought the best lettuce I think I've ever had. And I don't like lettuce. Organic really is the way to go. I also had some juice (diet V8) and a bit of the non-dairy coconut milk ice cream that Shelly had me get. It was so good! I'm never going back to regular ice cream. Those stupid lac-tard pills are damn expensive! Why bother? I am a little confused though, because my cappuccino's have been upsetting my stomach lately, and I have them make it with soy milk. I also sometimes have reactions to goat's milk (cheese, really). I'm not sure what the connection is, but maybe it's just that I need an enzyme similar to lactase, which wouldn't be surprising for me not to have. Shelly and I are going to bring some almond milk to Taste and have them use it for our coffee's every day. We're there at least four days a week, so I'm sure we will go through at least one per week, no problem. I just hope they will do it. :)

- Just to avoid any comments about it, I am aware that both cow's dairy and soy are bad for you. I avoid them a decent amount. Sometimes you just need something creamy and/or cheesy, and soy is the only alternative to milk at most coffee shops - I refuse to drink my espresso black. 'Nuff said.

That's about all for today. Nothing is really going on, and I'm having a real easy time with P3.

Pssssht, whatever.

Peace G.