R2 Weight Loss

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 27 - Lac-tards...UNITE!

Weight: 135.5 pounds - Waist: ??

Yeah, I actually still haven't measured my waist, nor have I been posting regularly. I'm sorry - I'm a tool.

So I just had a loverly dinner of turkey burger (I ate a bun (WHITE DEATH ALERT) with my tasty burger) and caesar salad. I wanted a salad so bad yesterday, so I stopped at the store and bought the best lettuce I think I've ever had. And I don't like lettuce. Organic really is the way to go. I also had some juice (diet V8) and a bit of the non-dairy coconut milk ice cream that Shelly had me get. It was so good! I'm never going back to regular ice cream. Those stupid lac-tard pills are damn expensive! Why bother? I am a little confused though, because my cappuccino's have been upsetting my stomach lately, and I have them make it with soy milk. I also sometimes have reactions to goat's milk (cheese, really). I'm not sure what the connection is, but maybe it's just that I need an enzyme similar to lactase, which wouldn't be surprising for me not to have. Shelly and I are going to bring some almond milk to Taste and have them use it for our coffee's every day. We're there at least four days a week, so I'm sure we will go through at least one per week, no problem. I just hope they will do it. :)

- Just to avoid any comments about it, I am aware that both cow's dairy and soy are bad for you. I avoid them a decent amount. Sometimes you just need something creamy and/or cheesy, and soy is the only alternative to milk at most coffee shops - I refuse to drink my espresso black. 'Nuff said.

That's about all for today. Nothing is really going on, and I'm having a real easy time with P3.

Pssssht, whatever.

Peace G.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 25 - These Hybrid Moments

Weight: 135 pounds - Waist: ??

"Give me a moment..."

I actually haven't measured since I've been off P2. I probably should.

On a completely irrelevant and random note I just have to say that I LOVE the new McDonald's commercial. So here:

He he he.

Anyhoo - back to business. I am back down to my LIW, which rocks. I feel great, which also rocks. Really, I feel better than I have in so long. I also got my NutrEval results explained to me today, and realized I am seriously deficient in Vitamin D, Zinc, and Folic Acid. I'm going to have the compounding pharmacy make my vitamins, most likely, tomorrow. I hope its not too many pills, or any nasty powders. There were also a few amino acids that were off, and one was affecting my serotonin - good to know.

Not really very much to report. I had a great day at work, we went out for sushi for lunch. (Salmon sashimi, you are my friend - I could eat that shiz-nit all day long.) Shelly took me to Whole Foods yesterday, and I got all kinds of frech fruit (made a yummy smoothie last night with blueberries, watermelon, and bananas), and the propers for making hummus. It came out wonderful once I realized it needed lemon juice. :) I ate it for dinner.

Well, the Bob-ster is here, and I must join him for another wonderful night of - guess what! - MOVIES! :) We watched Rocknrolla last night - I effing loved it. If you like Guy Ritchie, see it. :)

Woo hoo for P3 - I've never felt so awesome!

Night Night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 23 - Save our Ship

Weight:135.5 pounds - Waist: 32.5 inches

Well, here I am! Back after going off the reservation for a few days. So, I will offer a quick recap of my weekend.

Friday - 135, my LIW, and a good day at work. Went out to Friday's and was surprised at their "healthier" menu. They had grilled protein and steamed vegetables, so I was really psyched. I had grilled cajun shrimp and steamed broccoli - it was ok. Drank water. Then went to the movies and had a little popcorn (their was butter on it - I know, I'm terrible). Felt like crap after eating popcorn and went to bed.

Saturday - 134.5 - not too bad. :) Went to Danvers to hang out with Bobby's cousin and his girlfriend. I discovered a wonderful video game, Left 4 Dead (RELOADING!!!), and had fruit for lunch. Everything was downhill from there. I found out we were going to Vinny T's for dinner, and grappled with what I should eat all afternoon. We finally go, and we have to wait a bit for our table. Now - if you don't know this about me - it takes very little for me to get drunk, and I was halfway through my first drink when we sat down. They ordered fried calamari, fried ravioli, bread with roasted garlic and olive oil, and more drinks. By the time we ordered I was two drinks deep and nicely buzzed (aka I didn't care anymore). I ate a few calamari, a ravioli, a piece of bread with the garlic and oil, and then Bobby and I each had a caesar salad (no croutons, at least) and split chicken and eggplant parmesan. I was so full I don't know how I didn't roll out the door. However, I continued to have one or two more drinks, resulting in a drunk shooba. =/ At the movies I bought a big water, and ate, yet again, more popcorn. And yes, it also had butter.

Sunday - I woke up and felt terrible (probably more due to lack of quality sleep than anything else). I had one medium sized pancake for breakfast (it was made for me) and some scrambled eggs. I drank a lot of water and weighed myself when I got home - up 2 pounds. Continued to drink water and had a LOVELY dinner of a lean turkey burger with a little ketchup (1 tbsp) and mayo (1 tsp) and some tomato soup.

Monday - No loss/gain. Wonderous and delicious large soy cap with an extra shot for breakfast. Strawberries and a hard boiled egg for lunch. Some raw almonds for a snack. Turkey burger and broccoli for dinner. Great day.

This morning - down to 135.5!! Woo hoo!! You know what, I really enjoyed this weekend. I probably should not have done it, but I had a great time on Saturday. In the future, though, I think I should stay away from Italian restaurants, or anywhere else that's mostly non-P3 food. I won't apologize for my indulgence, because I am not sorry. I deserved a break (maybe not so big, but whatever) and now I'm back on track and committed to a successful Phase 3.

Honestly, I don't think I've felt this good in a long time. I have energy; I'm focused; I'm full; I'm not craving white death at all. It's a great feeling. Aaaaand, I was called both Amarillo Slim (I think that's Nik's new name for me) and a "supermodel" (in jest, but bfd). :) It's just nice to feel like I look good, or at least okay. Oh yeah, and the HTA crew seems to like my new pic. Swwweeet deal.

I'm learning how to swim - no drowning this time. I'll make it to the shore, in a bikini!



Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 19 - Keep on Rockin'

Weight: 135 pounds - Waist: 33 inches

Yesterday was a great day. I was energized, focused, clear-headed, and, most importantly, happy. I think the potassium and B12 definitely helped. No loss today, but that's ok; no worries.

So, most importantly, yesterday was my last injection. That brings my losses thus far to 15 pounds. Woo hoo!! My LIW will be 135. I decided to stop 3 days early for 2 reasons: 1. my body has totally had enough, and I want to listen to it, and 2. Bobby and I are going to possibly be staying with his cousin this Saturday, and I don't want to have to worry about bringing my last injection and food to his house. I'm going to take 3 weeks off (or about as long, since I'm going to wait until after Aunt Flo leaves) and then start up with Round 2! :) 20 more pounds to go! I'm also actually considering lowering my goal weight, but everyone says I'll be too skinny. Healthy weight for someone my height is between 91 and 123, so I was considering lowering my goal to 110. Yesterday I told Bobby how much I had lost, which he knew, but also told him what my goal was and how much more I needed to lose - so he figured out what I had weighed... Instead of getting upset though, which I normally would have, I just laughed at him and said "Yes, I was 'a buck fifty'" as he put it. I'm 15 pounds closer to my goal, and people are noticing, so who cares what I used to weigh? :) (Bobby didn't mean anything by it, he was just stating a fact, since I never told him how much I weighed and hid it well - he loves me either way, hehe.)

So, off to work now. Hopefully we can get a lot done so Monday won't be so crazy. Can't wait until Monday - Taste Coffee House, here I come!!! I can't wait for my big yummy large cappuccino with an extra shot! I also miss my buddies there, since I refused to go there most of the time I've been on protocol. Seriously, if you live in or around the Newton, MA area you need to try this place out. They have amazing coffee, sandwiches, salads, and crepes. Really. Go there.

Well, peace out yo. ;)

Have supercalifragilisticexpealidocious day! (sp?)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 18 - Thursday

I'm actually listening to Thursday on Thursday! :)

Weight: 135 pounds - Waist: 33 inches

Another pound down (over the last two days). :) Feeling a bit better today; got a B12 shot yesterday, and I've been taking my potassium. Just 4 days left of injections, and 6 days left of the VLCD. I can't say I'm not ready to be done with this round. For the past few days I've been starving. Not yesterday, though. Probably because I took the appetite suppressant that the doc gave me. I may again today, because I know I'll be at work a bit later. If I go at my current pace until Monday, I'll probably lose another 2 or 3 pounds, which would total me out at about 17 or 18 pounds for Round 1. Not too bad, eh? So, I'm going to take 3 weeks off, then do a second round. If I continue at this rate, I should reach my goal within the next 6 weeks. :) It's so exciting! I'm still feeling like I've barely lost anything though. I'm almost halfway to my goal, but still see very little. I can see it a little bit in my face, and people keep telling me I look great, but it doesn't change what I see. Oh well, it will come. :)

Well, off to work, post more later!

Have a positive day!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 16 - Blah Blah Blah

Weight: 136 pounds - Waist: 33 inches

So, no loss today in pounds, but I lost another inch off my waist. Several people today at work said they could really see the difference. I think I still see myself a little different, but I'm still holding on to the image from Sunday, when I actually felt good. I'm in a mood tonight, so I'm feeling pretty shitty.

That's one thing I have noticed with the HCG - I seem to be moodier - maybe that's not the right word. I'm having a - I don't know how to explain it; I just haven't been super positive. But that seems to be the way everything is with me. I'm all gung-ho at the beginning, then I get lame and don't have the motivation to continue. EVERYTHING is like that. I'm trying so hard to not have this be one of those times.

No. I;m stopping that thought-train in the "get out of my head" station. End of the line. Everyone gets off here.

I just had a great lil' chat with Biz (HTA) and she gave me some good insight as to why I might be feeling this way. So I'm going to try a few different things, probably get a B12 injection tomorrow, and we'll see how that goes.

Night night, and have a terrific evening. :D

Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 15 - Mix the Chemicals Right, Dear

So, over the past week I lost 4.5 pounds, which is significantly less than last week. But that's not bad! I've lost a total of 14 pounds so far, and that's awesome.

Yesterday was kind of weird. I didn't eat before I went out to lunch. I found out shortly before I left that it was an Italian restaurant, which kind of concerned me. It turned out to be a seafood place as well, so I ordered PLAIN broiled shrimp. The waitress came out and asked if the chef could cook them in red wine, and I stupidly agreed. I didn't think about how alcohol turns to sugar when it is burned off. Luckily, they cooked my shrimp in water, which was kind of gross, but still on protocol. I asked for steamed veggies as a side; they brought me a giant bowl of canned peas. Yuck! Unfortunately, that was all I ate yesterday. I know I should have eaten more, but it was just a weird schedule. When I used to go out to eat I would do the same thing - try not eat other than that meal. Not the healthiest thing, so I need to try and break that habit. All in all, not too bad of an experience. Oh yeah, yesterday was the first time since I've started to lose weight that I got dressed up (not in a work way). When I finished getting dressed and putting on my makeup I put my glasses back on and took a look in the mirror. Now, the dress I was wearing had horizontal stripes, so I did look a little w i d e, but other than that I thought I looked great. It has been SO long since I felt that way. I mean, my hair looked the way I wanted it to, my makeup was exactly how I wanted it, my clothes looked good on me; I was so psyched! It was a great moment. :D

I'm having a really hard time with food when I am home, though. I either don't eat, or kind of snack all day instead of eating meals. I also don't like being in the same room as my family when they are eating, even if I don't want what they are having. If I was to eat with them, it would just be weird. I'd finish eating way before them and end up just sitting there watching them (seemingly, to me) pile food on their plates. I still don't know how I will go back to eating normal amounts of food. I guess my appetite will just return eventually.

I went food shopping a little bit this afternoon with Bobby, and he was so supportive. He helped me buy the sole I had for dinner too. (It was REALLY tasty!) It looked good too, so he told me to buy a few extra ounces and freeze it. I also bought a big bag of little macintosh apples. Yum! I'm not sure what I'll bring for lunch tomorrow. Maybe I'll make something when I get back from going for a ride with Bobby. ;) He was making buffalo chicken tonight, and I totally wanted something spicy like that. Not really too sure how to duplicate that kind of spice using just... well... spices. :)

Well, I think that's all for tonight. Long day tomorrow, I'm expecting. Oy vey.

Night night.

Day 15 - Winter Wonderland (Sort of)

Weight: 136 pounds - Waist: 34 inches

Going out to shovel in a few, but thought I would post a few pictures of the loverly snow day for your viewing pleasure. :) Enjoy!

P.S. Down another 1.5 pounds! :)