R2 Weight Loss

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 27 - Lac-tards...UNITE!

Weight: 135.5 pounds - Waist: ??

Yeah, I actually still haven't measured my waist, nor have I been posting regularly. I'm sorry - I'm a tool.

So I just had a loverly dinner of turkey burger (I ate a bun (WHITE DEATH ALERT) with my tasty burger) and caesar salad. I wanted a salad so bad yesterday, so I stopped at the store and bought the best lettuce I think I've ever had. And I don't like lettuce. Organic really is the way to go. I also had some juice (diet V8) and a bit of the non-dairy coconut milk ice cream that Shelly had me get. It was so good! I'm never going back to regular ice cream. Those stupid lac-tard pills are damn expensive! Why bother? I am a little confused though, because my cappuccino's have been upsetting my stomach lately, and I have them make it with soy milk. I also sometimes have reactions to goat's milk (cheese, really). I'm not sure what the connection is, but maybe it's just that I need an enzyme similar to lactase, which wouldn't be surprising for me not to have. Shelly and I are going to bring some almond milk to Taste and have them use it for our coffee's every day. We're there at least four days a week, so I'm sure we will go through at least one per week, no problem. I just hope they will do it. :)

- Just to avoid any comments about it, I am aware that both cow's dairy and soy are bad for you. I avoid them a decent amount. Sometimes you just need something creamy and/or cheesy, and soy is the only alternative to milk at most coffee shops - I refuse to drink my espresso black. 'Nuff said.

That's about all for today. Nothing is really going on, and I'm having a real easy time with P3.

Pssssht, whatever.

Peace G.


  1. Yay for easy P3s! That means you're on the track to an awesome, carefree, thin life :]

  2. You're right back on track! great!